Tin Vase

Geoff Treseder
I made this vase in December 1996 it is made from tin produced from the Geevor Tin Mine, Pendeen Cornwall. I smelted the tin concentrate (tin oxide) by reduction with charcoal at a temperature of about 1100 C. This is my first effort at a major construction.

After smelting I rolled the metal produced into sheet in a mini rolling mill and these were planished and shaped using hammers and formers (objects lying around my workshop!). Due to the small size of my rolling mill it was necessary to join sheets together using thin strips of Geevor tin as a solder (perhaps more accurately welding) but without the advantage of a solder melting below the point of the metals to be joined.

I worked at the Geevor Tin Mine myself up to 1986 when the dramatic fall in the price of tin caused the eventual closure of the mine

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