Solders suitable for use with pewter

Lead Free Solder For Pewter

We are one of the leading suppliers in the U.K. for lead free solders suitable for use with pewter in applications involving food and drink. The problem is that tin lead solders work very well and were difficult to replace. Trying to solder thin pewter sheet with something like pure tin is very difficult as tin does not melt much below the melting point of the pewter so we developed our range of tin - bismuth solders.

Carn PP3 - For Pewter Sheet (please note we don't supply sheet)

This is our most popular grade and is widely used in the manufacture of pewter hip flasks, we supply this material in sticks of around 50cms length in quantities from 1 kg. This solder is fully molten at around the same point as a tin lead solder although it begins to melt below this. It has a reasonable colour match and complies with the European standard for this material. Begins to melt at 138C fully molten at about 180C

Carn F1

This is a lower melting variety at eutectic composition which means it is very fluid but not so good at filling gaps, supplied in same form as PP3 and again meets the European standard. Fully molten at around 138C

Pure tin

Bars, blowpipe or light guage sticks are available to order for tinning copper cook ware, and soldering pewter for strong undetectable joints. pure tin now available to make your own alloys

Other Compositions

We are always developing new lead free compositions and can make other compositions to meet customers specific requirements combinations of any of Tin Copper Antimony Bismuth Silver. OTHER LEAD FREE SOLDERS

For non-food application

It is often acceptable to use solders containing lead goto STANDARD SOLDERS for details

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