Manufacturers of High Quality Tin Casting Alloys and Solders
Pendeen Cornwall TR19 7TF United Kingdom
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The site has just undergone a major change there may be the odd navigation problem which needs ironing out over the next few days, we felt the changes to the site were worth introducing immediately. If you come across any major problems please email us.

We've had a web presence since January 1997, we have found it to be a great marketing tool and use very few other means of advertising. Our site is nothing fancy like much of the equipment at Carn Metals we built it ourselves! We've tried to keep it reasonably accessible should work with level 3 browsers any difficulties with earlier versions should be restricted to unsuported table tags, if you have any difficulties please let us know, we will consider cerating a simple text based site if there were sufficient demand..

We've been online since 1996 and are fully aware of the problems of commercialisation of the net and the difficulties in avoiding the hard sell when what you want is information. Having a commercial presence we feel duty bound to go beyond just selling and present interesting and useful information freely. We will always do our best to answer questions on tin anything from mining to care of finished goods. We're not prepared to do all the work of any homework assignments but we should be able to give you some leads to continue your research. If you have any ideas for improvements to the content of this site we'd be pleased to hear from you.


Geoff Treseder